About Us


How it started

Smokkim was born from the inspiring kitchens in Asia. Talented young chefs gathered from across Australia to envision the latest tastes for Korean food.

As Korean BBQ has now become a staple food in Australia, Smokkim Korean BBQ aims to provide customers with an eating experience like no other. All meats and seafood is delicately prepared to ensure that customers savour the most amazing flavours from the freshest produce. Accompanying the Korean BBQ are side dishes, which add freshness and variety to the BBQ experience. Indulge all your senses as your favourite meat and seafood is cooked right in front of you.

Smokkim Korean BBQ is set in Rhodes Waterside. There is ample parking inside the shopping centre as well as a lot of street parking for all patron’s convenience. Smokkim Korean BBQ is located on the ground floor of Rhodes Waterside and have seating available indoors as well as outdoors in the terrace area.